Cockpit deLuxe XS Acryl

  • shock-absorbing feet
  • solid metal design
  • stylish acrylic dressing

This Product is discontinued.

The compact version of the Glorious Cockpit is a real space sensation. The XS edition can comfortably accommodate two turntables horizontally or vertically or even big tabletop CD players. A mixer up to 12.5'' can be placed in the middle. This luxury station is the first choice in so far as stylish and simultaneously compact DJ furniture is concerned. Available with matt finished, transparent acrylic dressing (primed for an upgrade with the illumination kit).


  • For 2 turntables or tabletop CD players and 1 mixer up to a width of 12,5''
  • Turntables can be positioned vertically and horizontally
  • Shock-absorbing feet
  • Hidden mountings and cavities for comfortable cable routing

Technical Data

  • Material: solid anti-vibration metal design with acrylic dressing
  • Dimensions: 1250 x 500 x 1070 mm
  • Weight: 31.5 kg
  • Optional illumination kit sold separately
  • Glorious Cockpit Deluxe

    Glorious Cockpit Deluxe