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Digital Mix Station white

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Digital Mix Station white   

The brand new Glorious Digital Mixstation with an advanced second level is aimed at the digital jockey's special requirements and their precious MIDI controllers including notebooks and flat screens. Monitor speakers also fit on the newly designed, ergonomically elevated notebook tray, thus being in perfect downmix position.

The professional Digital Mixstation is available in untreated beige MDF wood, or in black or white shrink-wrap finish. The Glorious Digital Mixstation enhances every DJ living room to the very last detail, decently taking center stage. The convenient workplate design offers enough space for a digital controller plus a tabletop CD player (or turntable), or even 2 compact-class CD players.

  • Convenient DJ mix station
  • Laid out for digital mixing
  • Designed for classic mixing position
  • Especially sturdy, ergonomic and non-vibration construction
  • First layer offers space for DJ controller plus tabletop CD player or turntable (horizontal assembly) or two compact CD players, mouse, etc.
  • Second, elevated layer offers space for TFT or laptop and monitor speakers
  • Cavities for cables on the front and side
  • Monitor speakers on ideal monitoring height
  • All elements in handy operating distance
  • Easy and unproblematic assembly
  • Available in black or white shrink-wrap finish

technical data:
  • Material: MDF wood
  • Dimensions: 1000 X 1140 X 575 mm
  • Weight: 24.0 kg
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